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Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life but some people find it hard to control their worries. Their feelings of anxiety are more constant and can often affect them daily. I offer a safe and confidential space to explore anxious thoughts and feelings, understand the causes and develop helpful coping strategies.


Depression is when you have long-lasting low mood. You may also have less energy to do certain things, have lost interest or enjoyment in activities you used to enjoy, reduced concentration, disturbed sleep, feeling less good about yourself and feeling guilty or worthless.

Engaging in a therapeutic relationship where all thoughts and experiences can be explored can provide you a deeper understanding and create positive changes in your life.


Relationships can be challenging. We will build a strong therapeutic relationship together so you can develop new ideas and thinking patterns, using what we discover together to create healthier, longer-lasting relationships with the people around you. This also includes the relationship you have with your self.


Bereavement describes the sense of loss and grief felt after a death. It’s normal to experience a range of emotions. I can help you process the feelings you have as you go through the stages of grief, while helping you understand your complex and painful emotions and reduce the distress you may have about how you are feeling.


Self-esteem is how we see our own worth and value. It's based on our opinions and beliefs about ourselves. These can feel difficult to change. Our self-esteem influences our choices and decisions. I offer a trusted, confidential space to explore these beliefs and support you in coping with the experiences that affect how you feel about yourself.


Burnout is a state of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by everything you have to do and still worrying you’re not doing ‘enough’. It can happen when  you experience long-term stress of any kind. You can feel helpless, trapped and defeated. This can be an indication that therapy could be of benefit.

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