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My approach is integrative meaning that I work flexibly, drawing on a range of tools and approaches to best suit you as an individual, with a strong emphasis on our relationship. I’m influenced by various theories, philosophies and modalities including: relational, psychodynamic, transpersonal, humanistic, behavioural.


I am here to work with you along a journey to explore your experiences, unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviours by providing you with a safe space, free from judgement and discrimination.  This will enable you to have a greater insight into who you are, with the confidence and the clarity to tackle issues facing you so that you are able to thrive.


Clients have described me as genuine and caring, easy to talk to and a clear communicator. 

My approach is warm and authentic, putting what’s best for you at the heart of our work together to create the positive impact you want to see.  I am empathic and will build a connection with you as an individual so that you feel seen, heard and empowered.  I will meet you where you are at, understanding you as a unique individual with your own life experiences and perspectives. I will offer you both high challenge and high support so that you will feel encouraged, strengthened and nurtured, even when we are exploring difficult – perhaps painful – issues together.

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